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About company "Project Decisions"

The company "Project Decisions" is a consulting company whose activity is connected with the projects increasing the efficiency of Russian power companies. Our Company began its activities with consulting work for improving quality management systems within the project group of "RAO UES of Russia". The company has been working in this field for 9 years. In this period it has worked out consulting projects for 25 from 36 existing Russian power companies. Basic themes of fulfilled projects are:
- managing system optimization,
- reliability management,
- risk-management, ecological management and quality management,
- independent quality control,
- industrial and power safety,
- technical audit,
- personal traning with certification.
At present we are working on the following solutions: optimization of repair and reconstruction business processes, improvement of reliability and risk management systems, development of normative and technical bases for the power companies.

Company has a widespread network of branches in: St.-Petersburg, Orenburg, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Sochi, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Nizhni Novgorod, Nizhnevartovsk. Company staff has highly skilled experts. The deputy of general director Victor V. Gusev is the laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in the field of reliability management. In the company staff there are 25 highly professional advisers - auditors TUV and DNV. All heads of projects are the certificated experts and professionals in management IPMA projects. In fulfilling work in projects we involve key industry organizations: VTI (Russian Heat Engineering Institute), CNITMASH (Central Institute of Heavy Engineering Industry), ORGRES and the following international certification organizations as:  TUV CERT, SGS, DNV, BVQI.

Experience of the company "Project Decisions" in carrying projects increasing of the operational efficiency of electric power stations

Since 2005 till present time the company "Project Decisions has made for about 20 projects on the increasing of operational efficiency of the largest generating, networks and sales electric power companies, scientific and technical power centres. In 2008 the company "Project Decisions" finished projects for optimization of repair works at Surgutskaya GRES-1, Kashirskaya GRES and Iriklinskaya GRES (hydroelectric power stations). At present our company is the only one consulting company fulfilling projects on the industrialnd power safety, management of equipment reliability and risk management of equipment exploitation (incl. exploitation, repair, modernization) on the basis of calculating but not experts methods.

Our customers are:

Power scientific-technical centre of Siberia ;
Power engineering centre of Middle Volga ;
Tomskelectrosetproekt ;
Mosenergosbyt ;
Electric power sales company of Tumen ;
Yakutskenergo ;
Orenburgskaya TGK ;
Generating company of the Far East ;
TGK-1 ;
ТGK-6 ;
ТGК-10 ;
Kuzbassenergo ;
MRSK of North-West ;
MRSK of Siberia ;
Stavropolenergo ;
Khakasenergo ;

Work of the company "Project Decisions" in carrying out projects for monitoring of the advanced practices and organizing programs for experience exchange

In 2007 the company "Project Decisions" has opened educational centre. Since those time the company successfully provide its activity in organizing seminars for the leaders and key specialists of electric power companies. We organize personel tranning in various cities of Russia and in abroad. The company "Project Decisions" have a wide experience of work with 25 largest electric power companies of Russia, which gives a possibility to organize business-visits to these companies on agreed programs. The company "Project Decisions" has been organizing business trips to advanced foreign power companies for exchange of experience:
 2008 - trip to Japan power companies (October)
 2009 - Spain (March)
 2009 - Norway (October)

Key directions of works of the company "Project Decisions"

The company "Project Decisions" proposes to fulfill the following services

- The complex of works on risk-management and reliability management;
- The complex of works on increasing of operational efficiency;
- Carrying out of technical diagnostics of the equipment of thermoelectric power stations;
- Preparation of analytical materials on work of power stations by results of technical diagnostics and technical audits;
- Preparation of analytical materials about work of power sector of Russia;
- Monitoring of the best world practices of the business-processes organizing, preparation of periodic analytical materials and organizing of trips on experience exchange by results of monitoring.

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